Let’s Go Shoe Shopping!

May 15, 2024

Hi all! Shopkeeper Brynna here. You know that feeling when you’re supposed to make a post about all the amazing new shoes you have in the Put This On Shop and in the process of trying to model a pair of beautiful handmade moccasins, you fall in love with them and decide that no one else can have them? We’ve all done that, right??

We’ve just added a whole bunch of incredibly special shoes to our shop. Not only is our footwear classy and versatile, these babies are built to last a long, long time. And what a selection! We’ve got vintage gunboats, huaraches, sneakers, chukka boots – all the greats! Want something unique and handmade? We’ve got you. We’ve also got vintage Nikes, shoes made of shell cordovan, military boots, everything you could possibly want for a long-lasting complement to your fit.

Check out our selection this week and we’ll give you 10% off all footwear* using discount code PTOSHOES at checkout. Don’t miss out!

*Except for that pair of moccasins. Those are mine now.

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