Levi’s Have A Lifetime Warranty

July 20, 2016

Levi’s Have a Lifetime Warranty

Here’s something I didn’t know: Levi’s offers a lifetime warranty on their jeans. 

Now: lifetime warranty doesn’t mean that they’ll replace jeans for YOUR lifetime. It means the lifetime of the jeans. So you can’t replace worn-out jeans this way. You can, however, replace defective jeans.

So if a seam blows before its time, or a rivet comes out, or whatever else, you can swap out your jeans with the company. There are three ways to reach them. You can email levistrauss@levi.com, call 1-888-411-5384 or (at least according to Redditors first-hand reports), or bring them in to a Levi’s store.

Again: this isn’t a blanket, no-questions-asked, return something you bought in a thrift store situation, but reports are that they’re very fair. (Also note: it doesn’t apply to Levi’s Signature, the super-cheap Wal-Mart version of Levi’s.)

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