Mister Crew Found A Strange Comic

February 20, 2014

Mister Crew found a strange comic

Mister Crew found a strange comic this morning as he was trying to find online photos of Steed jackets (Steed being a bespoke tailor in the UK – a tailor that I use, but is worn much more famously by Voxsartoria). 

In case you can’t read the conversation:

Cybernaut: “I need complete freedom of motion, especially in the arms.”

Tailor: “It’s what we’re known for, sir. Our signature cut of a small armhole and a big sleeve is very, very comfortable.”

Cybernaut: “I haven’t got nerves. Comfort is not my concern. It’s movement. I can’t need a new suit every time I break down a door.”

Tailor: “The cut worked out for Fred Astaire, sir. I’m confident it will present no problems.”

(Next page) Cybernaut: “You mind?” *whacks table* “Hm, you’re right. I felt no resistance whatsoever. And the jacket is still in fine shape.”

Tailor: “Of course, sir.”

Cybernaut: “You know, when we’re finished here I’d like to go ahead and select fabric for a couple more just like it.”

Tailor: “My pleasure.”

Strangely, the cybernaut seems to not be the only one who poses like a robot when wearing Steed. 

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