My Interview At Build-a-Beard

April 8, 2010


Renowned beardblog Build-a-Beard interviewed me about my beard, my take on beard culture, the history of my beard, and my thoughts on recent beard developments in the bearding industry.

It’s a two-parter, but they’re both worth a read if you’ve ever been fascinated with my beard. It’s pretty much all in there. I’ve exhausted the topic. Here’s a snippet:

Q: Do a lot of your friends have beards?  How does corporate culture impact your bearded decision (or not)?
Not many of my friends have beards, actually. And that may be for many reasons: their careers may preclude the option, their personal style may conflict with the ruggedness of a beard, but I think most often it’s just that their sissy faces can’t really support the follicular activity. Every time I have the beard conversation with a friend, it’s always, “Oh, I can grow hair here and here, but it never comes in here.” And all I can feel is sad for them, the way my friends felt sad for me when I was 15 and hadn’t yet sprouted in my crotch or armpits.

Here’s Part I. And here’s Part II. There are some pretty ridiculous pictures.

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