Put This On’s Gentlemen’s Association

August 31, 2013

Put This On’s Gentlemen’s association

My thanks to From Squalor to Baller for this lovely little write up (and the great photo of August’s square).


I’ve never really put pocket squares as a priority item in my small wardrobe. They’re not very appropriate at my office (I’m pushing the boundaries as it is) and so I generally only wear them for more formal occasions where sport jackets or suits are more of a necessity. Because of this, I haven’t invested a lot of time in looking for well-made, attractive ones – fortunately, I’ve got the folks at Put This On doing all the leg work for me.

Put This On’s Gentlemen’s association is a subscription-based service that sends members a pocket square once every two months for as long as they desire. Squares are often made of vintage and deadstock fabrics, hand picked by Jesse Thorn himself.  Every square is made in Los Angeles and has those sumptuous hand-rolled edges that we know and love. August’s square is this lovely floral number, made of a light, bouncy silk. This one will look great stuffed in the pocket of a casual blazer. 

You can read more about Put This On’s Gentlemen’s Association here.