New Sponsor Alert: Goodsie!

October 6, 2011

New Sponsor Alert: Goodsie!

For those of you who’re among our tens of thousands of RSS and tumblr subscribers: please welcome a new sponsor to Put This On… Goodsie!

I know from experience that trying to put together an online store can be mind-bendingly difficult and frustratingly expensive. Goodsie’s goal is to make it simple and affordable for anyone. No coding, fully customizable, custom domain, the whole shebang. Also: attractive.

If you use our link, it’s free for a month. Want to see some stores? Check out this store, Untype, which sells beautiful wool iPad and iPhone covers. And this one, Eye Sea Posters, which sells vintage film posters. After the first month, it’s $15 a month, which makes it cheap enough to sell extra clothes through your blog instead of eBay, or sell your record label’s records or pretty much whatever you please.

So: thanks for making Put This On possible, Goodsie! And readers: remember our sponsors when you’re out there clicking.

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