Lifeway Kefir

March 14, 2012

Our sincere thanks to our first sponsor for S2, Lifeway Kefir. They really just let us do whatever we wanted, and we had a blast shooting this in our director Ben’s apartment. We only got one take, of course.

Thanks to their marketing man, Derek, for holding the mic boom during the shoot, too. That’s how we roll. VIP treatment. It turns out that kefir stings your eyes a little, and also makes you look like a creepy ghost when you pour it over your head.

By the way: the suit belongs to Ben, too (he and I wear the same size). He was prepared to lose it forever, but we sent it to a mail-order dry cleaner that we’ve heard is the best around. We told them that if they could clean it, they would be our all-time heroes. Oh, and we accidentally left it in the mailer, wet, for like a week before we mailed it. So it was super moldy when it got there. It’s supposed to get back to us on Thursday, so we’ll post pictures of the results.

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