The Beautiful And Historic Biltmore Hotel

February 8, 2010

The beautiful and historic Biltmore Hotel

Saturday night, I stayed at the beautiful and historic Biltmore Hotel here in Los Angeles.  It was a wonderful experience.  While I was in the bar, drinking my $4 club soda, I noticed that the musician setting up to play had apparently worn his suit directly from the store.  I couldn’t bring myself to tap him on the shoulder and correct him, so I’m doing it here in public instead.  Here are some incredibly basic basics about wearing a suit.  You almost certainly know this information, but if you don’t, then I’m about to save you some embarrassment.

  • Take the tag off the sleeve.  This tag is there so you can identify the brand when it’s on the rack.  It isn’t meant to stay there.
  • Remove the basting threads.  These are white threads that sometimes cross the shoulder seam and usually hold the vent(s) closed.  They keep the suit neat during shipment and presentation, and aren’t meant to remain in place.
  • Open the pockets.  Use a seam ripper (or even a paring knife and scissors) to open up your exterior pockets so you can use them.

Got it everyone?  Do these three things and leave your bottom button unbuttoned, and you won’t look like a Beverly Hillbilly.  And if anyone knows the guy with the electric upright bass who plays in the hotel bar at the Biltmore, can you let him know, too?

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