Q And Answer: How To Wear A Pocket Watch

April 2, 2010

Q and Answer: How to Wear A Pocket Watch

David writes: How might a 21st century man might pull off wearing a pocket watch (either with a suit or casually) without looking startlingly anachronistic?

If you are a dandy, I can imagine wearing a pocket watch in the waistcoat of a three-piece suit.  The fob connects to a buttonhole on the waistcoat, and the watch goes in one of the waistcoat’s pockets.  Though now that I write that out, that will look anachronistic; startling, even, to some observers.

The thing to do, honestly, is accept that there are some things that cannot reasonably be worn in the present.  Pocket watches are one of those things.  Put it in a little stand on your desk and admire it.  It’s lovely, isn’t it?  Just don’t carry it around.  You might as well wear a top hat to a basketball game.