This Advice Has Been Given To You For Free

April 16, 2011

This advice has been given to you for free

Power has a way of influencing menswear. For example, the reason why we don’t button the last button on our jackets is because King Edward VII’s tailors couldn’t keep up his increasing girth, so one day he unbuttoned the last button on his jacket to give himself some relief. The gentry soon followed, and the rest is history. 

So my advice to you – to be on the cutting edge of menswear, look towards the symbols of power. Here we see Prince Charles pinning a scallion to his lapel. If sprezzatura can be defined as nonchalance, I believe this is taking it to a new level.  

Now go out to your local grocery store and pick yourself up a little lapel decoration. 

This advice has been given to you for free. 

(Edit: yes, we figured out that it’s a leek. Please stop emailing :).)