#PTOCities: Day Three!

August 4, 2011

#PTOCities: Day Three!

We’re voting on the three greatest men’s style cities in the world – they’ll be the subject of season two of Put This On.

We had plenty of action in the Americas bracket yesterday, with (again) more than a thousand votes. New York beat Havana squarely – but wasn’t as dominant as expected. Atlanta cruised past Minneapolis – while a few Minneapolis partisans argued the city was “the best at layering,” the combination of country and cosmopolitan offered by Atlanta carried the day. Charleston’s downhome charms were roundly defeated by the continental style of Montreal. Chicago and Buenos Aires fought a close battle, with a surprise winner. Buenos Aires, a UNESCO “City of Design” carried the day on behalf of South America, despite the strong Chicago representation in the Tumblr community and in the world of clothing manufacture.

Today, it’s all about Continental Europe. Top-ranked Milan, the city of fashion, will square off against avant-gardist Berlin. Two warm-weather metropolis, Barcelona and Rome battle. The distinctive style of Naples will take on the craftsmen of Budapest. Prague, the elegant Eastern European capitol will take on Vienna, home of the world’s most amazing ball season.

If you have a particular favorite in the battle so far, email us a few sentences about why you’ve chosen it at contact@putthison.com – we’ll feature some favorites in the upcoming rounds.

Survey below (ends at 5PM Pacific):

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