#PTOMan Highlights

September 25, 2023

#PTOMan Highlights

Once a week we like to highlight what some of our readers are wearing.

In many ways, dressing more formally in coat-and-tie wear can be much easier. There’s a commonly understood set of rules that one may choose to abide by that will narrow your choices down to something quite reasonable. Dressing casually, however, can be much more fraught. Particularly in our current context where pretty much anything goes, it can feel overwhelming with the plethora of options at hand. Readers this week have done an admirable job navigating that challenge.

Mateusz (@mateusztryjanowski) is living a balanced life in a loosely tied shetland, corduroy overshirt, fun OCBD, fatigues, and deck shoes. Jason (@jasonyang1227) keeps cool in a white frog-button jacket, straw hat, loose chino shorts, and slippers. Elias (@staycrispymyfriends) is boxed out in a mint terry cloth polo, green pleated chinos, and opera pumps. Henrik (@hwilberg) crosses the road in a loose tan double-breasted blazer, tee, combat pants, loafers, and beret. Finally, Florian (@dsqflo) is enjoying the beach in a bazin suit, sandals, and red hat.

If you’d like to be featured, make sure to follow us on Instagram and tag your posts #PTOMan. We prefer full-body shots over shoes or details.

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