Put This On’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

December 5, 2023

Hunting for the perfect gift can be stressful. Should you get something practical or sentimental? Something they can keep forever or a consumable? Every year around this time, we come out with our gift guide to help readers find that special item they can set under the tree. For more suggestions, don’t forget to check out our previous guides, where you’ll find dozens of other ideas. And, of course, don’t forget to take a look in our own shop, where you’ll find beautiful vintage items, handmade pocket squares and scarves, and who knows what else.



TSPTR x Peanuts Sweatshirt

It took me literally years to find myself a Peanuts sweatshirt. I don’t mean *any* Peanuts sweatshirt. I mean, one of the ones styled by Determined Productions in the 1960s, designed to replicate the aesthetics of the Peanuts paperbacks of the time. When I finally found one (barely) big enough for me at the flea market, I had to give the vendor a hundred bucks, and I walked away feeling like I’d gotten a deal. Now the California brand TSPTR is re-issuing the sweatshirts (and t-shirts) as part of a collection honoring those original 1960s designs. This Charlie Brown number is the style I bought at the flea market … but I love this yellow-on-brown colorway of Snoopy and Chuck and this great Franklin in the color of my old Charlie Brown. And if anyone knows where I can find this one in an XL, please do let me know, because I’m desperate. Jesse



Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson

Few books have given me such consistent enjoyment as Home Comforts. It’s a practical guide to homemaking, including everything from laundry to bedsheets to table setting. And the practical side is immensely useful. More than that, though, it’s about the pleasure of home. It isn’t didactic or judgy, and it isn’t patronizing. It’s wonderfully and charmingly written and makes a convincing argument for a comfortable place to live. —Jesse



Molly & Sons Blanket

My wife is fanatical about coziness. Every year, I buy her some fancy piece of jewelry or whatever, and I can see in her eyes that what she really wanted was … I dunno … a mug of hot cocoa. This throw from Molloy and Sons is the one time I really nailed it. Long ago, my wife and I visited the Molloys in Donegal, Ireland, where they live and work. Their main line is making tweeds for clothing, but they also make these gorgeous blankets. They’re really a special thing made by special people in a special place. And cozy. So cozy. —Jesse



Lands’ End Flannel-Lined Chinos

Fellas, don’t we deserve to be cozy, too? I’ve long been an advocate for flannel-lined chinos. There’s truly nothing cozier. Lands’ End has long been my go-to. I haven’t tried the new model (which has stretch in the khaki), but my old pair are a joy to wear every time. —Jesse




Monica by Dan Clowes

Clowes is, of course, one of the greats of the graphic novel form, having written classics like Ghost World and David Boring. His latest, Monica, might be my favorite he’s ever made. It’s spectacularly beautiful (you wouldn’t expect less from Clowes) and every bit as strange as his strangest work. It’s hard to explain what it’s about—a woman’s search for her roots, I guess—but it winds through the paranormal, cults, counter-culture, and classic horror comics. And ends up being profoundly humane. —Jesse



Spaceships on the Blade by Larry June

Is Larry June San Francisco’s greatest rapper … ever? With all due respect to OGs like Rappin 4-Tay, San Quinn, Paris, and Andre Nickatina, I think he may be. Larry has made his name slowly over the last decade or so, releasing a string of records that might be termed “passive income lifestyle rap.” Never before has a rapper’s subject matter been so distinctively inspirational. Larry raps about buying classic cars on eBay, driving them for a while, and then selling them at a profit. Browsing for rental real estate with his mom. Having juice drinks. Getting his girlfriend some house plants. “Right now, I’m in the booth / later on, I’m going swimming.” And he somehow manages to do all this without compromising, for one moment, his status as a Real One. As is so often heard on his records: “Good job, Larry.” —Jesse



AWMS Beret

This is a great gift for anyone you know who is beginning to dabble in menswear. It’s like a beanie but with a bit more panache. When they ask the inevitable question, “But how do I wear this?” you tell them straight, “On your head.” —Dick



Red Pizza Shop Cups

Every single pizza shop in the US seems to have the same red plastic cups, and I found the supplier. A fun gift and also super practical. Pair with a soda stream or a 2L bottle of Coke for a more authentic experience. —Dick



Camber Hoodie

My sister, who was visiting from Australia last year, kept stealing my one and only hoodie, which is from Camber. I figured I would buy her one so that we could be twins. Camber’s hoodies are super warm and made in the USA. I recommend going true-to-size for a classic fit, or going up one size if you want something very baggy. —Dick

[Derek’s note: American Trench’s newly introduced Original Equipment subline also has Camber-made hoodies. Theirs fit a little slimmer. I recommend going true-to-size if you want a slim cut, or going up one size for something a little roomier without going baggy. Unlike Camber’s hoodies, these are pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to do any guesswork with sizing.]



Hobonichi Hon A5

I’ve been religiously writing in my journal every day for the past few years. I jot everything down, from little mundane things like the weather to the significant events that happen in my life. I even like to write down my outfit each day, which is incredibly useful when you can’t remember where you left your hat or what jacket your wallet might be in. My favorite notebook to use is the Hobonichi Cousin, which is their A5-sized notebook. There are plenty of sections, including areas to track habits, weekly spreads, and, of course, a generous daily entry page. This year, Hobonichi finally released a HON version of the Cousin, which is exactly the same, except it comes with a hardback cover. I find this both more durable and attractive-looking, especially paired with a brass Kaweco Sport fountain pen. —Edwin



Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Printer

I bought my daughter a Fujifilm Mini 11 camera for her birthday (also an excellent gift), and it’s been a hit at capturing candid moments, especially on family road trips. For myself, I’m asking for the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 printer, which is essentially a wireless printer that connects and prints photos from your phone on the same Instax film. I’m excited to print out photos and tape them in my journal. I also bought these adhesive magnets to turn some into refrigerator magnets. —Edwin

Master-Piece Sling Bag

As a father, the list of things that I need to carry with me at all times never stops growing: wallet, keys, sanitizer, tissues, wipes, etc. To manage the menagerie of items, I bought this sling bag from Master-Piece. It’s the perfect size for carrying all of the above while still having enough space for all the other knick-knacks you’re likely to collect when you’re out and about with the little ones. I also found that I could clip my Hydroflask water bottle to the carabiner without issue. —Edwin

Studebaker Signet Ring

Signet rings may seem intimidating, but they’re fun to wear. Studebaker Metals makes them in gold and polished brass, which looks a lot like gold but is a lot cheaper and an excellent way for you to see if this is a style for you. In addition, you can add a custom engraving that they’ll etch on for you. My wife got me one with a bird that she drew a few years ago, and it’s a fun, one-of-a-kind piece. —Edwin



Reigning Champ Midweight Terry Hooded Robe

The robe is, of course, a classic dad gift from years of yore. But while a simple flannel robe is perfect for sneaking sips of milk out of the carton at midnight, wouldn’t Dad rather feel like he’s about to have a showdown with George Foreman in a repeat of the Rumble in the Jungle? The Reigning Champ Midweight Terry Hooded Robe is ridiculously comfortable, made in Canada, and really makes you feel ready to throw a few haymakers. Ring entry music is not included. —Andrew



DIY Moccasins

In the long, dark days of winter, it can be nice to learn a craft and be able to take your eyes off the screen. This genuine moosehide moccasin kit is the perfect simple project that will result in a useful and beautiful product. No more having to tie laces just to grab the newspaper or run the garbage out before the truck drives away—these mocs are good inside and out. Includes in-depth instructions as well as links to comprehensive YouTube tutorials. Give the gift of beautiful, self-made footwear and potentially a new hobby! —Andrew



Iasa Peperoncino Piccante

Huy Fong, the company that makes Siracha sauce, had an unexpected shortage earlier this year. This led me down a rabbit hole of buying and trying different hot sauces from my local grocers. In that process, I discovered Iasa’s Peperoncino Piccante, which is now one of my all-time favorites. It’s not great in Asian foods—I still stand by Huy Fong’s sambal oelek for that—but it’s perfect in Italian meals. Iasa’s Peperoncino Piccante is made from coarsely mashed red chili peppers that have been left to macerate in olive oil. It’s sweet, slightly smokey, and has a nice salty tang at the end. This stuff is amazing on pizza and fantastic in sandwiches. You can also spread it over thickly cut slices of baguette when you break bread with friends and family this holiday season. A cheap and easy gift for about $5 to $25, depending on what jar size you buy. —Derek




Creative Lab’s Pebble Speakers

While Creative Lab’s Pebble speakers don’t stack up to higher-quality audio systems, they pack a lot of punch for their size and price. These speakers only cost $55 and were voted “Best Overall Budget Speakers” by PC Magazine earlier this year, as well as earning an endorsement at Wirecutter. They’re designed to be computer speakers—made for desktops and laptops—and while they have Bluetooth connectivity (useful for laptops), the system doesn’t work for mobile. On the upside, the drivers sound impressively clear and full for the price. The speakers are a little bigger than the size of a grapefruit and don’t take up much desk space. I think they would make a nice gift for a college student, a cubicle farmer, or anyone living in a small apartment. I like V2 best. —Derek



Bosie’s 4-Ply Shetland Sweaters

I’m really careful about giving someone something wardrobe-related because style is so personal. What you think is wonderful may come off as fusty or too avant-garde to others. But it’s hard to go wrong with a Shetland sweater. In the old days, Shetland knits supposedly landed on Brooks Brothers’s shelves with the smell of fish still detectable on cold days, as they were knitted in people’s kitchens (if lore is to be believed). Nowadays, the process is all modernized. However, for a 100-year-old style, it goes well with a surprising range of aesthetics. It works naturally with classic men’s style items such as tweeds and Balmacaans, but also workwear items such as chore coats and contemporary lines such as Lemaire. Earlier this year, Bruce Boyer gave me one of Bosie’s four-ply Shetlands from their vintage-inspired Blue Mogganer line. It’s chunkier than the standard two-plys you see everywhere else, including O’Connell’s (still my favorite source for your standard, everyday Shetland). That makes them a little too chunky to wear under trim Italian sport coats, but great under roomy outerwear or when worn on their own over an Oxford button-down shirt. The yarn is also a little softer, making them feel cozier. —Derek



Riffs by Bruce Boyer

I got into tailored clothing largely through jazz, as I wanted to dress more like my musical heroes, such as Bill Evans. So I was happy to see one of my favorite menswear writers, Bruce Boyer, release a book earlier this year on jazz, blues, and early rock. The book, titled Riffs, is Bruce’s reflections on artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Big Joe Turner, The Reverand Gary Davis, Billy Holiday, and Chet Baker. It comes from a man who was there to witness Carl Perkins ascend to stardom. I’ve always loved Bruce’s menswear writing because he looks at clothes through the lens of culture, examining how things such as films and social movements affect how men dress. His book treats the subject of music with as much consideration. I hope to have an interview with him soon about the book, but in the meantime, this would be a great gift for anyone in your life who’s interested in the roots of American music. —Derek



A Japanese Knife

I’ve always felt that the perfect gift is something that your recipient will appreciate but would never purchase for themselves, possibly because of the price. This doesn’t mean it has to be exorbitantly expensive, but it may be expensive for that class of item. In this sense, a Japanese kitchen knife can be the perfect gift for a foodie in your life. The trick here is figuring out what they would like. Like shopping for clothes, high-end knife shopping can also be very personal, as much depends on how something feels in the hand. But the New York store Korin has great service and you can always purchase a gift certificate. Prices start around $150 for a santoku (good all-purpose knife), $90 for a petty knife (more useful for small kitchens and meals), and $150 for a nakiri (good for veggies). The only catch is that high-end Japanese knives require some regular maintenance (call them for specifics). But my guess is that if your gift recipient is a nerd about food or clothes, they probably enjoy those routines that help slow things down and make them appreciate the craft that went into making something. —Derek