After Christmas Sale: Pocket Squares 40% Off

January 10, 2017

After Christmas Sale: Pocket Squares 40% Off


We’re continuing to make room for new Spring products in the Put This On Shop. We’ve already got a healthy sale section, but this week we’re running a pretty special promotion: 40% off every pocket square in the store. Just use the code POCKETMONEY. After all, I’ve got to make room on the shelf for the new squares I’m picking up later today.

If you didn’t already know, our squares are handmade right here in Los Angeles. Like – really, truly handmade. I travel the world looking for beautiful, often vintage silks, cottons, rayons and ultra-fine wools. Then our seamstress hand-cuts each square and hand rolls each edge. Even the tags are affixed by hand. The result is a remarkable luxury accessory that isn’t matched anywhere else.

To get your discount, hit the pocket square section of our shop and use the code POCKETMONEY when you check out. The sale ends Friday, so hop to it.