Q And Answer: How To Care For A Leather Bag

May 15, 2010

Q and Answer: How to Care for a Leather Bag

An anonymous emailer asks: I’ve got a leather shoulder bag that I use a lot. how should I be maintaining it? Does it need to be polished, too?

Generally speaking you won’t need to polish a bag – shiny isn’t the adjective you usually want attached to your luggage. 

For the most part, care for a leather bag is simple.  Once a year or so, clean it with some saddle soap.  If you feel like it, or it seems to be drying, rub it down with a bit of leather conditioner.  Be aware that this will likely darken the leather at least a little, but it’ll be in a nice way.  Enjoy it.

If your bag scuffs, a bit of polish can help cover it, just remember that there’s no need to buff.  If your bag gets damaged, a shoe repairman (who does purse repair) is the man to see.