Q And Answer: Non-Ironic Holiday Sweaters?

December 8, 2016

Q and Answer: Non-Ironic Holiday Sweaters?

Kickassery asks:  Any recommendations on where to find a non-ironic holiday sweater? Something more along the lines of a festive cowichan or cardigan rather than a sweatshirt with lights and a battery.

The holiday sweater has really become the modern equivalent of the novelty tie: allegedly fun and utterly disposable. It says “hey, clothes are stupid, let’s drink.” That said, festive occasions and chilly weather do lend themselves to knitwear that at least nods to the holiday season. In my view, you have four options that say “Christmas party” without saying “my sweater requires two triple As and a bad sense of humor.” 

It’s already a little late for a new holiday sweater for this year’s party season, but with fast shipping you can definitely have a non-ironic holiday sweater on your torso by Christmas day. And prep for doomsday next year–most of these will be discounted immediately after Christmas.