Q And Answer: Old Navy

February 10, 2010

Q and Answer: Old Navy

Devine writes: I wish I had a higher-fashion question here, but this morning, a utility quandary presented itself. I found an old $50 Old Navy gift card this morning while cleaning off my dresser, and while I’m not into their clothes, $50 is $50.  I’m thinking of using it for undershirts/boxers, but I figured I’d ask – are there any surprises there worth spending (already spent) money on?

Your instinct, to go undershirts-and-boxers, is not off-base.  We have one more idea to add to the mix, though: linen.

It’s not quite linen season in your local Old Navy – that’ll come in March and April or so – but summer shirts are the perfect thing to buy from the Gap’s shittier cousin.  The past couple of years, Old Navy’s cuts for summer shirts have been decent, and linen should have a little looseness anyway.  When you’re only paying $29.50 or $39.50, you won’t feel too bad when you spill some of that strawberry daiquiri on the front and have to go nuclear on that thing in the wash.  Get yourself a white long-sleeved linen shirt, with as little adornment as possible, and wear that mf’er every week all summer long.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get invited to an awesome tropical party at Diddy’s house.

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