Real People: A Restrained Palette For Early Fall

September 27, 2018

Real People: A Restrained Palette for Early Fall


When you get a sunburn, you can find some relief with aloe or after-sun balms (I recommend Biggs and Featherbelle). Likewise, the sometimes eye-frying colors of summer shirts, and pants people pass off as “fun,” can be relieved by the salve of cooler autumnal hues.

Pedro in Brooklyn demonstrates how to transition to a fall wardrobe well using a neutral overall palette. I dig his use of almost exclusively khakis, olives, and blues, and his ability to transition from easy, military- and workwear-based casual to tailoring. His silhouettes are consistent, with trim shouldered jackets and tapered pants, and the items he chooses are classics with some personality, like R.M. Williams black chelsea boots, which have a distinctive toe shape, or bucket hats.

Pedro also balances spendier items like the chelseas or Tricker’s shoes with more wallet-friendly stuff from J. Crew and Muji. Most of the shirts, pants, and jackets are cotton. I envy the weather up I-95; here in DC “light jacket” season seems to be about 3 weeks out of the entire year. That doesn’t stop me from wanting to find a nice olive field shirt right now.

Thanks Pedro!