Real People: Braces

March 12, 2013

Real People: Braces

For a while now I’ve been thinking about trouser fit. As a consequence, the idea of braces (a.k.a.: suspenders) has crossed my mind as well. Looking at these photos from Edvard from Armenia, I’m convinced that if I do look to purchase a custom suit in the future, the trousers will not have belt loops – instead: braces buttons and side-adjusters. 

Braces can keep your trousers up better than a belt can, especially if you’re like me and have developed a slight beer gut that pushes the waistband of your trousers down. The suspension keeps them at the proper height throughout the day without the need to restrict the waist and rumple the waistline as you would when tightening a belt. Or so goes the theory. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but I see enough guys praise braces to make me very interested in giving them a shot. 

Going with braces makes even more sense on a double-breasted suit, as it allows them to stay hidden and out of view. Traditionally, some will refer to braces as a form of underwear that should never be seen and concealed by a jacket or waistcoat at all times. That view probably isn’t widely held today – nor are braces widely worn – but I think it’s a fair point and worth considering.