Real People: Dress Codes

April 3, 2015

The New York Times has an interesting piece on the style of men who work at Conde Nast, the magazine publisher. Some of these guys work at men’s magazines like GQ or Details, so they’re not exactly everyday joes, but it’s interesting to see how guys choose to dress when the office dress code is pretty loose, at publications known for their senses of writing and dress style. 

Pictured above:

  • Wyatt Mitchell, Creative Director at The New Yorker–In an idiosyncratic prince-of-wales flannel suit and roughout boots, Mitchell’s another case of wearing a suit in an atypical way.
  • Doak Sargent, Head of Brand Development at Details–Derek is on the record against the jacket and jeans in most cases, but I think it works pretty well in all blue tones and with attention to fit as here. The jacket is on the formal side of Derek’s excellent Formality in Tailored Clothing scale.
  • John Jannuzzi, Senior Digital Editor at GQ–John says he wears mostly J. Crew basics and spends his money on better and more interesting outerwear–a philosophy I can get behind.
  • Jaime Lalinde, Assistant Editor at Vanity Fair–In a blue buttondown and neat patterned tie, Jaime’s got a basic office look down with a collar that says “my job is too hard to keep this buttoned.”

Photos by Malin Fezehai for The New York Times