Real People: Nearly Solid Shirt

February 22, 2013

Real People: Nearly Solid Shirt

One of the things I’ve noticed about my wardrobe is that all my solid shirts are absolutely solid and all the patterned ones are noticeably patterned. There is no subtlety.

And that’s what brings me to what I really like in this photo from Pelle in Sweden. While his blue shirt appears solid from a distance, there is texture and pattern to the shirt when you get up close. 

If you zoom in really close, you’ll notice it’s a blue and white micro-houndstooth pattern, which I think works exceptionally well with this three-piece suit.

It seems the current trend is to pair boldly-patterned shirts with suits if you take a look at fashion magazines or retailer lookbooks, but I think solids and subtle patterns work much better against a conservative suit, especially when partnered with an equally conservative accessories.