Real People: Tassel Loafers And Layers

April 10, 2013

Real People: Tassel Loafers and Layers

Over the past few months I’ve really enjoyed the outfits from Jeremy in Philadelphia. His style is fun but not too eccentric. I’d even argue some of his style is a bit conservative in nature, however, with a modern fit. 

After looking through his photos, I noticed two common things he wears quite often: suede tassel loafers and a layer underneath his jacket.

I like suede tassel loafers a lot. They pair nicely with more sporty clothing and fabrics. And if you’re a person who likes to go sockless in the summer, they are, in my experience, more comfortable to wear. Jeremy’s worn them with chinos, a khaki suit and denim and I think that demonstrates how versatile a pair (or two) can be. 

In regards to his extra layer, often in the form of a v-neck or a waistcoat, I first thought it was more a function of the cooler weather recently. But I really liked his three-piece suit and realized it’s a bit of a distinguishing characteristic of his and it’s nice to see someone make it regularly a part of their style.