Real People: The Silk Scarf + Overcoat Look

April 30, 2015

Real People: The Silk Scarf + Overcoat Look

I love the dramatic look of a long overcoat, but sometimes having a garment that covers you from near head-to-toe can leave the body looking a bit flat – even if you wear the coat open. One way to break that monotony up is to pair the coat with a silk scarf. 

Herbert in Frankfurt shows how to do this well. Here he’s wearing a beige trench coat over a navy tweed, micro-gingham shirt, and navy striped tie. The jacket, shirt, and tie just barely peek out from underneath, so he’s accessorized with a wool-silk scarf from Broska. Even wen it’s mixed with wool, you can see how the touch of silk helps soften the look of a heavy coat and add a bit of sheen to an otherwise matte ensemble. You can see the same effect in this scene from the movie Wall Street

If you have a bit of money to spend, you can get really nice silk scarves from Drake’sBen SilverA Suitable Wardrobe, and Cordings. Theirs are wide and long, which will look a bit nicer when they’re draped over your neck. For something more affordable, consider these Michelsons from KJ Beckett (also available a bit cheaper if you buy direct from Michelsons). They’re not as big, but they cost a fraction of the price. 

(photo via grimoddelareyniere)