Real People: The Three-Piece Suit

January 25, 2013

Real People: The Three-Piece Suit

It seems a bit rare to find three-piece suits. For one, not many retailers even carry them and the few that do have a very narrow selection. I still think they are a welcome choice for cold weather, giving a bit more insulation for your torso and elevating one’s appearance. Erik from Sweden has a pair of three-piece suits that I found myself admiring. 

One thing I’d like to point out is how the waistcoats perform their function quite well of covering the waist completely. Too often I see photos of guys wearing waistcoats that are too short for their torsos, exposing their shirt and waistline of the trousers underneath. 

Finally, it’s worth noting the coherency of the outfits. Both suits are made of more casual, country fabrics – tweed and large checked flannel. This means more casual shirts (a checked shirt and a blue shirt instead of white) and appropriate footwear (country tan brogue boots and chocolate suede). There is no mixing of city and country in the outfit.