Sponsor Welcome: RibbedTee

February 5, 2010

Sponsor Welcome: RibbedTee

Sponsor Welcome: RibbedTee

We’d like to welcome a new sponsor to our sidebar, RibbedTee.com.

Ribbedtee make only one product: undershirts.  They do a great job, too.  The founder, Mikel, explained to us at lunch the other day that he was always searching for the perfect undershirt and could never find it.  His criteria: long enough to stay tucked in and prevent blousing at the wast, soft and all all cotton, form-fitting, and with sleeves to protect the armpits of his shirts.  He couldn’t find them, so he made them.

Adam and I have been wearing them, and have been very happy with their performance.  It’s particularly difficult for me to find suitable undershirts given my height (they pull up over my waist), and RibbedTee does a great job of staying below the belt.  These shirts aren’t outerwear, they’re underwear, and they know their place.  They even offer both crew necks (for closed collars) and v-necks (for open collars)… and heather gray, which some claim is less likely to show under sheer shirts (though we think that’s a dubious claim).

So: welcome RibbedTee.com!

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