Saving Face: The Magical World Of Facial Wipes

July 22, 2015

Saving Face: The Magical World of Facial Wipes

Maybe it’s because I’m a Canadian living in California, but I absolutely can’t stand being hot. For the brutal, swamp-like conditions we’ve been having lately, keeping a few facial wipes on hand can be a lifesaver. Just a few quick swipes and you’ll instantly feel refreshed and clean – not to mention, look a lot better too.

Most facial wipes on the market are aimed at women, although my sneaking suspicion is that they’re actually pretty gender neutral. If you’re looking for something that’s specifically non-gendered, I’ve used Ursa Major. They tout having a special “four-in-one facial tonic formula,” which supposedly lifts oils off your face without throwing your skin’s pH balance. I don’t know about all that. They feel the same as any other facial wipe I’ve used, although they’re lightly scented and come in better looking packages. The downside? They’re kind of expensive.

For something cheaper, there’s Total Refresh. They come in both scented- and non-scented options, although I find they all leave a powdery finish (which is not so great). Plus, rather than being individually packaged, they come in big packs. Great if you’re trying to be environmentally conscious, but less so if you want to carry these in your jacket pocket.

My favorite so far is Dickinson’s, which is a basic, individually-packaged wipe that mostly relies on a mixture of witch hazel and aloe. They’re non-scented, non-powdery, and they nicely wipe oils away without leaving your skin feeling dry. Best of all, they’re affordable at $7.50 for a pack of twenty. Find them on Amazon or at your local drug store.

Bonus: Along with being useful for the summer, these are great on long trips. Bring one along with you on a long flight, so you can freshen-up mid-way through.