Q & Answer: What Scarf Should You Buy?

November 2, 2009

Q & Answer: What Scarf Should You Buy?

Brett asks:

I like a good scarf. However, I have no idea how to wear one in a way that’s comfortable, stylish and not completely weird looking. Also, don’t really know what kind to buy. Do you have any advice for me?

Have you ever seen one of those desert rabbits with the giant ears?  They use their ears to get rid of heat.  That’s what your neck is like without a scarf.

What scarf should you buy?  That’s entirely up to you.  Wool will be warmest, silk loveliest, blends can be a charming in-between.  For real cold, a traditional Pendleton scarf is inexpensive and easy to find second hand – an Ebay search turns up dozens in a variety of patterns.  You can also try searching for “Made in England” or “Made in Scotland.”  Both are known for their milling, and Scotland particularly is the home of the world’s best woolens.  If you’re not the scarf-losing type, consider investing in cashmere or even mohair.  Good quality can still be found for less than a hundred bucks.  If you’re comfortable paying retail, we’ve loved everything we’ve purchased from Howard Yount, and they have some very lovely scarves this fall.

As far as tying it around your neck, it depends on length and style, but there are three main choices.  The first is a simple knot – the kind you use to start your shoelaces.  The second is, length permitting, folding it in half, draping it around your neck and passing the ends through the loop.  The third is to tie it like a four in hand necktie, without the very last step – around, around, behind and over.  That’s useful for shorter scarves.  Above all, you want your scarf to keep you warm and not be too fussy.  Leave that to the ladies.