Seattle’s Jack Straw Opens Online

March 10, 2015

Seattle’s Jack Straw Opens Online

In America the distance between wanting something and having it delivered to your living room is not terribly great.” -Gary Shteyngart, Little Failure

Shteyngart’s statement just became a little more true, as Jack Straw, long a destination for guys looking for niche men’s brands—and recently a source of interesting photography—opened their ecommerce store last week. The store, which shares its name with a mysterious peasant revolt leader and a decent Dead song, carries the sort of rumpled casual clothing you’d expect a cool professor to wear. One who did his grad work in Europe, who doesn’t have tenure but doesn’t seem to care, who drinks a lot of cheap coffee and is always carrying a different book. I’m not sure that guys exists.

Already available online are Jack Straw’s picks of ts(s) (fabric-obsessed casual wear), Blue Blue Japan (loopwheeled and indigo dyed), Barena (sweater-y jackets, primarily), and Petronius (colorful but un-garish ties). Engineered Garments is also available but only by phone order. Shipping’s a little steep at $20 to most of the United States.

Jack Straw
1930 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101