A Few Amazing Items I Have Thrifted Over The Last Few Weeks

August 13, 2011

Seeing how thrifting has been a theme this week, I felt compelled to share a few amazing items I have thrifted over the last few weeks in my hometown of San Francisco.

First some background: I am a long time PTO fan by way of “The Sound of Young America” and an avid menswear blog reader. I’ve been thrifting for about ten years, first for ironic t-shirts and western shirts in high school (hey, they were cool at one time), and most recently, for quality shirts, suits, and ties. As a menswear enthusiast, I have become very familiar with quality brands so I’ve had my fair share of thrifted items I’m proud of, but nothing like my most recent finds.

In my first expedition a few weeks ago, I found several XXL Luciano Barbera shirts that made me incredibly angry, because I wear a large ( I just hope the man donated them because he lost a significant amount of weight). But my frustration quickly subsided when I found a beautiful sportcoat by The Hound, a very well respected haberdasher local to SF that only required some sleeve alterations, and a Gitman Gold (Gitman Bros. top line of shirts) blue OCBD.

I returned to the same location the following weekend and hit the jackpot. I found this exact Paul Stuart Grey Birdseye suit in mint condition in my size for $13 (retails for $1500). And for the menswear cherry on top of a great day of thrifting, I found a beautiful Isaia of Napoli dress shirt in excellent condition that needed absolutely no tailoring.

I urge all readers to go out there and thrift after learning the ropes (use PTO’s guide) and be patient. Great finds are out there. Just stay out of my neighborhood.

Reader Victor

Here’s the suit he found. Well done, sir!

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