Shop From Bruce Boyer’s Wardrobe

March 21, 2023

A few months ago, Bruce Boyer told to me that he was looking to clear out some things from his wardrobe. So, I put him in touch with our friend and sponsor LuxeSwap, who sells things for people on eBay. The auctions did really well. A few people sent me private DMs with photos of their eBay scores. Among them were some beautifully tailored suits from Liverano & Liverano and A. Caraceni. I was impressed and happy to see how well the clothes fit.

Given the success of those auctions, Bruce sent some more things to LuxeSwap. Matt, the founder and owner of LuxeSwap, tells me that this time there will be three rounds: the current round, which is going on right now; a lot of ready-to-wear clothes and neckties coming this Thursday; and finally, the rest of the accessories next week.

Some of the standouts for me include Bruce’s bespoke tweed from Steven Hitchcock, one of the remaining tailors still doing a classic English drape cut. Cheo, a well-known bespoke tailoring shop in New York City, made this three-piece grey flannel suit. There are also some lovely Fair Isle sweaters, Spanish Teba jackets, Cording’s trousers, blonde-colored glasses, a British toiletry bag, woolen scarves, and (my favorite) a jaunty pair of carpet loafers.

The word “classic” has been used so much over the years that it has pretty much lost all of its meaning. Many of the things that were marketed as timeless 15 years ago—tight-fitting blueberry suits, cutaway collars, and unstrapped double monks—look very dated in hindsight. But the thing I love most about Bruce’s wardrobe (and writing) is that it has stood the test of time. Photos of him from The Sartorialist look as good now as they did when they were taken twenty years ago. Things from Bruce’s wardrobe are genuinely classic and as trend-proof as one can get.

You can find all the auctions by searching for the term “The Bruce Boyer Collection” on eBay. Remember that each new round of auctions goes up every Thursday. They run for ten days and end on Sunday evenings. The last round of auctions will be going up on March 30th (although I think this Thursday’s round is the one that everyone should check).

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