Restaurateur And Writer Eddie Huang Talks About Sneakers

August 2, 2017

Restaurateur and writer Eddie Huang talks about Sneakers

“Sneakers to me was the illest symbol of the American dream. The thing that got me into sneakers was, when the Jordan V came out, I still remember this kid, it was third grade, and this kid–blond hair, blue eyed, all white everything–he walked across the lawn at recess the day the Jordan V fire red/whites came out, and I just saw the 3M dancing. You know the sun hit the 3M? It’s like disco on your foot. And I was like this is money, cuz my mom is not gonna get me that pair of shoes.

So for a couple weeks I kept taking the garbage out, helping my mom cook, whatever … She didn’t know how much they cost. She was like ‘Alright you’ve been really good for two weeks, your grades are good, let’s go see these shoes.’ We go; they were in the display case. You saw them from the parking lot. Even my brothers were like ‘Damn that is a pretty-ass shoe.’ My mom was like ‘This is beautiful.’ We see the price, she was like ‘You funny, man. You a comedian out here. You brought your whole family out to see this pair of sneakers?’

That was my entry into untouchable American culture that I could not have. My pops was like ‘You more a Charles Barkley dude.’ He got me the Forces. I hated Jordan ever since then. I was like ‘You put out these fly shoes, I can’t touch em, I can’t have em.’ So I rode for Barkley, wearing his ugly ass sneakers.”

Restaurateur and writer Eddie Huang on the new podcast from Stretch and Bobbito, What’s Good.