Some Of Sean’s Cooler Thrift Finds

February 23, 2017

Some of Sean’s Cooler Thrift Finds

Just for kicks, here are some things Sean has found thrifting. Note, this is only about a third of the photos he sent us (we edited for brevity). Not included here are some cool ties, a pair of vintage Edward Greens, an Hermes scarf (which he picked up for a measly $2), a Jasper Morrison “Air Chair,” and a bunch of designer stuff from the likes of RRL, Kiton, and Cucinelli. 

Listed in order of appearance above:

  1. Southwestern print Ralph Lauren down jacket.
  2. Architectural “Tire Pot” by John Follis and Rex Goode. 
  3. Brioni jacket, Borrelli shirt, and Holland & Holland tie (Sean tells us 75% of his work wardrobe is thrifted).
  4. A vintage shooting jacket with a 1960s “Utah Pistol Championship” patch on the back (this one is super cool).
  5. A weird squirrel-shaped nutcracker.
  6. Almost matching pair of chairs. Sean has a story about these here.
  7. 1940s Jadeite and 1950s Fire-King glassware.
  8. An M-43 field jacket. Sean says: “I really wanted to find one of these after seeing a photo of my grandma in the ‘40s wearing one. Luckily for me, this one popped up soon after.”
  9. That Pyrex bowl featured in Seinfeld’s “Summer of George” episode
  10. A J. Press tweed sport coat, likely from the 1960s.