Something Special For Father’s Day: The Put This On Dad Cap

May 22, 2019

Something Special for Father's Day: The Put This On Dad Cap

Once, I was walking down the street with my toddler on my shoulders. I think we were headed to a doctor appointment. A man going the opposite way on the sidewalk spotted us. He locked eyes with me, pointed, and said, “Happy Father’s Day to you. EVERY day.” In that spirit, I offer the Put This On Dad Cap. No embroidered logos for charity golf tournaments here.

These caps are made one at a time in the USA, from traditional wool flannel, with soft leather bands. No factories involved, just an actual craftsperson (her name is Norma). The shape is reminiscent of a major league ballcap from the 50s, with just the right amount of slouch. Sizing is adjustable. Three colorways, each in very limited numbers. Pre-order now. 

Happy Father’s Day to you, EVERY day.