Spotted: Incotex At Daffy’s

March 10, 2012

Spotted: Incotex at Daffy’s

For those of you in the Northeast, our friends over at Yellow Baggers (a blog that only covers menswear at the regional discount chain Daffy’s) are reporting that they’re getting in the one product that’s worth visiting Daffy’s for – Incotex trousers. They’ve only seen them so far in the Philadelphia store, where the blog is based, but if you’re in New York or Philly, hopping down to your local Daffy’s and looking for Incos (distinguished by the signature belt prong loop above the fly if the tags are cut) is a great idea right about now. Prices are $20-35, down from $100-200. Yellow baggers also notes that Daffy’s has a 20% off Friends & Family sale going on now through the end of the weekend – the coupon is on their Facebook page.

If you’re not in the Northeast, then look for a flood of Incotexes on eBay and the Styleforum Buy & Sell board, at about twice Daffy’s prices.