What Ties Should Be Part Of A Basic, Minimal Collection

May 23, 2011

What ties should be part of a basic, minimal collection

Starting tomorrow, I’ll talk this week about what ties should be part of a basic, minimal collection. First, however, I thought I’d post these photos from StyleForum member whnay’s trip to EG Cappelli. These photos should give you a sense of what to aim for – simple, understated elegance.

EG Cappelli is a Neapolitan tie maker famous for high-quality Italian ties. The last photo is of Mr. Patrizio Cappelli himself, the founder of the company. He left his family’s chemist business in 1995 to start his Naples atelier, and gentlemen from around the world have been coming to Italy just to buy his wares ever since. 

Notice how his ties are all elegant, simple, and somewhat restrained. Though there are some colorful ties in there, nothing is forced or particularly excessive. Nothing screams attention to itself, nothing is a gimmicky, nothing is driven by any particular trends. Everything is simple and understated. 

Much like Mr. Cappelli himself, actually. Notice his simple suit, conservative in cloth and color, showing a bit of drape in the chest (read: not overly slim). His shirt is a simple blue and the collar is soft, not stiff, showing a comfortable, relaxed elegance. 

This is the kind of feel you should aim for in your tie wardrobe. We’ll continue tomorrow to discuss what patterns and styles can help you achieve that.