Wedding Talk

January 21, 2010

Wedding Talk

All this wedding talk has got us pumped on true love, and just in time, our pal and logo designer Stefan Lawrence, from the wonderful sketch comedy group Elephant Larry, tossed this photo our way.  Stefan’s suit is made-to-measure by Freeman’s Sporting Club in New York, whose suits are made by Martin Greenfield Tailors from vintage fabrics.

A few things to notice about this wonderful ensemble:

  • Stefan’s level of formality matches that of his lovely wife Biz.  She’s wearing an elegant but relatively informal wedding dress, he’s in a suit, which is similarly informal (despite what they tell you).
  • His suit is contemporary, but not exaggerated.  You can see that it has a slightly narrow lapel and short jacket, as is the current style, but he’ll never be embarrassed by how it looks.
  • The suit fits perfectly.  Note the slight waist suppression, the trim but well-defined shoulders, the bit of cuff showing.

If I was going to change anything about this, I might use a smaller tie knot, and I’d consider a smaller boutonniere.  Ladies and florists can get a bit overexcited when it comes to decorating men’s lapels, and particularly when they’re slim (as Stefan’s are), the flowers can overwhelm rather than compliment.  Of course, I had a big-ass lily on my lapel, so who am I to say?

All in all, this is more or less perfect execution.  Stefan looks elegant without taking any attention from his beautiful bride, he has a suit he can wear for all kinds of occasions for many years, and he looks like himself, not like he’s wearing a costume.  Well done!