Street Style Photographs Can Be Great

May 1, 2012

Street style photographs can be great

Street style photographs can be great, but they can also sometimes feel like lookbook presentations thinly disguised as democratic dress. All the over-preening and self-conscious “sprezzatura-ing” (I just made that word up, please don’t use it) can make them really hard to relate to. 

There are a few good blogs by everyday people, however. Niidawg, pictured above, is one of them. Here he’s pictured in a casual khaki suit, navy knit tie with light blue dots, solid blue shirt, and a pocket square. You can get a closer view of his ensemble here.

Niidawg does a great job of focusing on fit. His trousers are cut right for his build – slim, but not overly skinny or tapered. The jacket hugs his neck, the buttoning point is near his waist, and the length is long enough to cover his rear. These are basic points, to be sure, but worth emphasizing. I also like that the shoulders are soft, the chest a bit fuller and rounder, and the front’s forequarters cut away a bit towards the hips. Together, these give him a relaxed and dynamic silhouette. 

Oh, and that’s his newly remodeled kitchen. I think it looks really nice. 

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