Style And Fashion Drawings: Cardigan And Loafers

October 5, 2016


It can be hard to dress for early fall. The days have the warmth of summer; the nights the cool of winter. When it’s too hot for a proper coat, but you still need to layer, you can always rely on a loose cardigan. 

That’s what I’ve been seeing a lot lately in Japan. I recently spotted this man, for example, in a grey cardigan with an interesting, collarless shirt (might have been a band collar), along with some tan chinos, brown slip-on shoes, and a matching grey tote bag. The key to wearing a cardigan is to aim for a looser fit – something slouchy and comfortable, rather than fitted and tight. Bruce Boyer does this sort of look well. 

Other good variations on the same theme: corduroys or moleskins instead of chinos; traditional button-downs instead of band-collars. Maybe a pair of socks if you’re aiming for something more classic. 

We can’t argue with the tote bag though. It’s the perfect casual carry for this sort of look. For some nice styles, check Unionmade, LL Bean, Alpha Shadows, Oi Polloi, End, The Bureau Belfast, and Goodhood. Bryceland’s in Japan also has a beautiful buffalo plaid tote with Frank Clegg Leatherworks, although you’ll have to email them to order.