Style And Fashion Drawings: Red Sneakers

July 27, 2016

There are a few periodicals here in Japan that influence what men wear (e.g. Popeyes, Kazi Kazi, and Oceans). Within just a few weeks of an issue hitting the shelves, you’ll see the trends covered starting to show up on the street. I quite like this new trend that I’ve been seeing around Kobe:


A lot of men are wearing red sneakers this season, particularly with polo shirts and hats. Bright colors can sometimes be hard to incorporate into a wardrobe, but if you’re going to do it, summer is the time. 

This man was wearing a pair of tan sneakers with red accents, which he matched with a red polo and tan straw hat. This sort of color coordination can sometimes look a little too calculated, but I think he pulled it off well. The red polo shirt helped bring out the color in his shoes. 


This other man was wearing a brand new pair of red Nikes. They stood out against his cropped chinos and faded black polo (his charcoal hat matched his shirt well). I like how he mostly relied on basic, neutral colors, then set everything off with a pair of bright sneakers. This sort of color combination can sometimes be easier to wear – just grab things in dusty tans, soft grays, and bright whites, then pick a pair of sneakers in bright red or royal blue. The shoes then become a statement piece, adding color to an otherwise muted outfit.