Style Your Home Like You’d Style Yourself

March 12, 2017

Style Your Home Like You’d Style Yourself

Clothes are important- after all, you’re reading Put This On (and we thank you for it). But in terms of style there’s more to life than just dressing yourself. Don’t leave your home in neglect and only build out your closet when you can dress your home as well as you’d dress yourself.

Interior decorating can be daunting. Art, lighting, accents- every element has have to work harmoniously and play with each other in terms of texture, color, and dimensions. Sound familiar? Decorating has similar schools to menswear- instead of workwear there’s industrial chic, classic tailoring for antique elegance, etc. Developing a sense of style that goes beyond simply your choice of shirt and jacket will not only make where you live more reflective of yourself but it also helps to inform style otherwise. If you find your eyes drawn to the patina of rust from industrial accents then you might just be a workwear head in the making.

Check out some of our home goods in the PTO Shop and see where your eye ends up. If nothing else we have a lot of beautiful clothing-related pieces like cobbling stands and vintage menswear ads. Check them out and get inspired- your living room will really come to life.  

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