Summer Of White Tees 2015

June 24, 2015

Summer of White Tees 2015

I swear: the only email we get at Put This On HQ is “when are you bringing back the Summer of White Tees?”

Well, here’s the answer: NOW.

Once a year, I use my Alternative Apparel wholesale account to do a huge group buy of white (and heather gray) t-shirts. I really like Alternative – they have a modern cut, they’re super-soft, they’re not creepy (unlike certain companies to which they might be seen as an Alternative), and with the huge discount we get when we buy en masse, they’re affordable.

This year we have white and heather grey crew necks. They retail for $24 each, we offer them for $9.90 each at any quantity. You’ll pay $6 shipping per style (again, any quantity). This is a group buy: we have no stock on hand, so we’ll have a two week ordering period, then they’ll ship from Alternative to our distributor, then from the distributor to you. Takes about six weeks, total.

Order your white tees here, now. 

Orders close July 3rd.

A few notes:

These are soft, lightweight, slightly stretchy tees, not beefy, heavyweight tees.

No shipping outside the US (sorry)

No returns – again, we don’t keep stock on hand, this is a group buy. We are but a pass-through.

No v-necks this time around, Alternative doesn’t have enough stock on hand.

Fit is somewhat slim – more like American Apparel than Hanes Beefy T – but not exceptionally so. You can find Alternative’s fit chart here.

Remember: ordering period ends, they ship from Alternative to our distributor, our distributor packs ‘em up and mails them to you. Takes about six weeks.