Distinctive, Well-executed Style

March 1, 2010

Distinctive, well-executed style

All this week, I’ll be featuring photographs shared by men (not models, not industry pros) that illustrate distinctive, well-executed style.

This one comes from a well-dressed gent named Bill.  What I love is the way the group is greater than the parts.  The tweed in the coat is, taken as a whole, a neutral color, but each other element of the presentation brings to the fore one of the tweed’s constituent colors.

The shirt is as simple as it gets – a classic blue with a moderately spread collar.  The tie is also quite simple, but it offers a textural contrast both to the smoothness of the shirt and the roughness of the tweed.  Both shirt and tie pull a bit of extra pop from the tweed, which has undertones of maroon and blue.

The real piece de resistance of the combination is the pocket square, though.  Note that the colors in the square (while muted) aren’t found anywhere else in the combination.  They compliment the colors of the tweed wonderfully, though, and the green in particular is a lovely contrast to the wine red of the necktie.  Bravo!

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