Q and Answer: Should I Get A Suit in Hong Kong? Bangkok?

September 6, 2012

Q And Answer: Should I Get A Suit In Hong Kong? Bangkok?

Jake writes: My wife and I are looking to take a trip to Asia in the new few months and…

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Financial Times on Hong Kong

August 27, 2011

Financial Times On Hong Kong

The Financial Times has an excellent article on some of Hong Kong’s menswear entrepreneurs. Men such Mark Cho, Justin Chang,…

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The Armoury on CNN

May 6, 2011

The Armoury On CNN

dieworkwear: I name a lot of sartorial heros on here, but Mark and Alan at The Armoury rank high on…

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$19.95 introductory offer off Modern Tailor

March 5, 2011

$19.95 Introductory Offer Off Modern Tailor

The online made-to-measure shirt tailor Modern Tailor is offering a $19.95 introductory offer for shirts in their simplest blue oxford…

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This is Hong Kong suit made in a somewhat Neopolitan style

August 5, 2010

This Is Hong Kong Suit Made In A Somewhat Neopolitan Style

via mostexerent I reblog this suit from our pal MistahWong not just because it’s lovely (though it is), but because…

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