Claire Zulkey couldn’t be more correct

May 20, 2010

Claire Zulkey Couldn’t Be More Correct

I don’t believe in those ‘five fingers’ shoes… the ones that look like gloves for your feet. They take all…

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Crocs Are Sentient Beings

March 30, 2010

Crocs Are Sentient Beings

Crocs Are Sentient Beings That Will Cling To Your Toes With Their Tiny, Sweaty, Green Hands

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I just got back from SxSW, and boy are my eyes tired

March 20, 2010

I Just Got Back From SxSW, And Boy Are My Eyes Tired

I just got back from SxSW, and boy are my eyes tired (of looking at grown men wearing joke t-shirts)….

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We’re headed to SXSW on Sunday

March 12, 2010

We’re Headed To SXSW On Sunday

We’re headed to SXSW on Sunday, and now I’m all worried.  After seeing this, I’m expecting to suffer through months…

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“It takes a lot of looking to find a good-looking slack.”

December 30, 2009

“It Takes A Lot Of Looking To Find A Good-looking Slack.”

Wow.  “That magic combination of fashion and quality,” indeed. (via Mark Frauenfelder)

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