Ten Stages Of Grief When You Find Moth Holes

January 16, 2018

Our friend Edwin has a great post this morning on what to do when you find moth holes. He lists the ten stages of grief, which (spoiler alert) ends in a little DIY darning — a technique where you essentially use a needle and thread to reweave new material into fabric.

We’ve written about darning before. Luke Deverell’s work at Darn & Dusted is pretty inspiringReddit member AnalogDimitri has a guide on how you can do it yourself; and repair shops such as Denim Therapy specialize in darning jeans (expect to pay somewhere around $50 for things such as fixing crotch blowouts).

Edwin’s job is pretty admirable, and he paid the hefty price of none ninety-none. If you find yourself with a moth hole and don’t want to take the time to repair the garment yourself, you can send it off to a professional at French American Reweaving Company and Best Weaving & Mending. Both companies can handle jobs such as repairing holes in fine suits, sport coats, and dress trousers, which are a little harder to fix at home. The work is expensive, but not unduly so, and the repair will be nearly invisible. Here’s a navy sweater I had mended a while ago at French American. We also have a post on the four ways you can fix holes in sweaters.