Ten Summer Essentials You Need This Fall

October 16, 2017

We all love fall for its weather. Or at least traditionally, as the cooler temps give us a chance to break out our favorite gear – soft cashmere sweaters, heavy tweed sport coats, and waxed cotton outerwear. Spring and summer style can be OK, but fall and winter clothes are where it’s at.

Unfortunately, even with November just a couple of weeks away, it’s been too hot for any of those things. Apparently, this is part of a broader trend where each passing year brings a warmer and warmer globe (seems like there ought to be a term for this phenomenon). So, since we strive to bring you honest content here at Put This On, we want to make a fall style guide that’s actually relevant to your life. Here are ten summer essentials you need this fall.

1. Layering: Good fall style is about mastering the art of layering. This fall, try layering a factory-fresh tee over a slather of deodorant. 3sixteen won The Wall Street Journal’s comparative t-shirt review earlier this year. We love theirs, along with Lady White Co., Uniqlo, and of course our Alternative Apparel runs.

2. Straw Hats: The perfect accessory for when you’re shopping for those cinnamon scented fall candles. Just look how happy Kim Jong Un looks in his!

3. Shorts: A pair of good shorts is the bedrock of today’s fall wardrobe, so make sure you get the right ones. Khaki and navy will be your most useful colors, which you can pair with deep-seated anger over how no one will ever see your outerwear.

4. Sweaters: Everyone loves a good stack of sweaters. Transform your knitwear into accessories by tying them around your waist (think of them as capes for your butt). O’Connell’s has over fifty colors in plain knit Shetlands, while Oi Polloi has relatively affordable brushed varieties. Sizing doesn’t matter because you’ll never put these on.

5. Aloha Shirts: Say Aloha to winter with an Aloha shirt! Reyn Spooner, Two Palms, and Sun Surf have ones that would be perfect for your pumpkin carving parties.

6. White Jeans: We may be nearing peak fall, but it’s not too late to add a pair of white jeans to your sartorial arsenal. Switch ‘em up by changing out your bright summer whites for earthier autumn whites. These from Sid Mashburn are perfect for apple picking.

7. Swimwear: Don’t let your style guard down during those autumn beach trips. The right pair of swimshorts makes all the difference. Look for a pair that’s really short because it’s super fucking hot.

8. Unlined Sport Coats: When temps dip into the mid-80s, it’s time to take advantage with an unlined sport coat. Go for chunkier and heavier fabrics. A 9oz linen is perfect for summer, but this time of year calls for cozying up in 9.01oz linen-wool blends.

9. Sunglasses: As the ozone thins and the sun’s electromagnetic radiation shoots through the skies and into your miserable, sweaty life, you can protect your eyes with tinted eyewear. I’ve been digging David Kind, who offers a range of well-designed sunglasses, as well as customizable clip-ons for their optical frames. Their Roman model is particularly nice.

10. Sadness: Miss wrapping yourself in an oversized, cashmere scarf? You can now wrap yourself with a blanket of sadness knowing this may be our future forever. So long, fall style!