The Beaten Barbour

April 23, 2013

The Beaten Barbour

The jacket I wore most frequently this past fall and winter was my Barbour. I rewaxed it myself (a messy process I don’t look forward to repeating) and I enjoyed wearing it for its functionality.

The game pocket is great for stashing gloves, hats and scarves. The handwarmers are a relief if you were too stupid to remember gloves. Plus, there’s that awesome waxed cotton smell. 

The Rugged Club posted photos of this vintage Barbour Border jacket you see above, which has been around since 1987. At around a quarter-century old, it’s still performing for him. Beaten, but not dead, it’s impressive for any garment to last so long. 

Barbour jackets aren’t cheap, but you can find them regularly on eBay — we list them quite frequently on our eBay round ups and Inside Track — which is where I found mine. If my Barbour lasts this long, then I think it’ll have been worth the price. 


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