The Crazy Tweet At Jesse Sale

August 1, 2016

The Crazy Tweet At Jesse Sale

Here’s the deal: I’m working from home this morning. I’ve got to take my son to pre-school in 40 minutes. Between now and then, tweet at me with your favorite item from the Put This On Shop, and I’ll discount it on the spot, up to 80+%. This is totally real – I already put our remaining classic PTO Ballcaps on half-off sale. I’m @JesseThorn. Go for it.

You missed the fun – I’ve got to take my son to school now. While you were gone, I discounted a few items down to $5, gave away one item for free, and put the classic PTO Ballcap on sale for half price (there’s still one left, as of right now). All told there were literally dozens of discounts passed out to eager tweeters.

But if you missed the tweeting, you haven’t missed everything.

As a parting gift, I’ve discounted a few pocket squares to less than cost, and some vintage items to $7 and $12 from MUCH higher prices. You can find them at – and while you’re there look around. We have some beautiful things.