The Manly Art Of Knitting

October 8, 2015

The Manly Art of Knitting

Scans from The Manly Art of Knitting – a short, 64-page book originally published in 1972 by David Fougner in an attempt to get more men to pick up knitting needles. In addition to giving basic step-by-step guides, Fougner also provides sound, general advice. For example: start by knitting for someone who will be uncritical of your work … like your dog.

An excerpt:

To get the feel of needles and yarn, you should start by knitting something for someone uncritical. Your dog won’t mind a small blanket with an irregular shape and unusual stitches. […] Using size 13 needles and heavy rug yarn, cast on 50 stitches for a small dog, 75 stitches for a medium dog, or 100 stitches for a large dog. Work in the Garter Pattern (that is, knit every row) until you feel it is long enough for your dog. Blind off, and weave in yarn ends.

After you’ve become more comfortable with your craft, Fougner advises knitting something for your horse using knitting needles and a garden hose. “If you don’t have have a horse, this project will make for a good throw rug,” he writes. Once proficient, you can make a hammock using shovel handles for needles and manila rope for yarn. Lots of accompanying photos throughout the book of hairy, calloused hands knitting various projects.

The book was recently republished by Ginko Press and is available on Amazon.

(hat tip DameSparkula)