The Pre-Folded Pocket Square

March 27, 2013

The Pre-Folded Pocket Square

I’ve seen these around for some time now, but I can’t imagine ever buying a pre-folded pocket square. Yet, many companies selling them exist online, which leads me to believe someone out there must be buying them. 

The idea of men walking around with such unnecessary things makes me cringe. The look is entirely too studied and rigid. 

If you’re currently wondering if you need your squares to be perfectly creased in your pocket, then let me alleviate your worries and tell you that part of the joy of putting squares in your pocket is in the imperfection. 

The only fold you’ll ever need to know is the TV fold that creates a straight line across your breast pocket with a white linen square (think: Don Draper) for the most conservative times. Otherwise, it’s simply shoving the square into the pocket. 

There’s no need to get out an iron, staples, glue and cardboard to create an art project for your pocket. Take that creative ambition and make some modular polyhedra instead. 


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